FinalForms Information

All required athletic department paperwork is to be completed using FinalForms.  To access our school’s account, go to  The only form that is still required to be printed and turned in to the office to be filed, is the physical form.  The physical form must be completed and signed by the doctor.  Once your student’s physical is received by the athletic department, we will enter it into FinalForms.  You will receive automatic notifications when you need to update your student’s forms.


Here are some tips to help with the process:

  1. TO ACTIVATE AN ACCOUNT – Read the step by step guide for registration details: FinalForms_ParentPlaybook – Wauseon
  2. TO PRINT YOUR CUSTOM PHYSICAL FORM TO TAKE TO THE PHYSICIAN – In the account, go to the list of forms on the left side of the page and select the last option (“OHSAA PPE physical (for physicians)).  Print the form and take it to the doctor for the physical.
  3. ADD SPORTS – Use the “manage sports” button in the account.  Without a sport selected, the athletic forms including the physical form will not populate in the account.