Indians News · Welcome to the website – 4 part video series

In an effort to make our athletic website a better experience for all of our fans we have created a video series showing all of the features of the site.  Many pieces of the information on the website can be difficult to find if you don’t know where to look.  This video series walks through the entire website and informs our fans where they should look to find the information they are seeking.  Each video is less than 15 minutes in length and outlines a different portion of the site.  Our website averages over 20,000 views each month and we appreciate the traffic from the Wauseon fans.  Simply click on each link to view the videos.  We hope you enjoy.

ATHLETIC WEBSITE VIDEO – 1 of 4 – Introduction to the home page (length 13:25)

ATHLETIC WEBSITE VIDEO – 2 of 4 – Team pages (length 13:44)

ATHLETIC WEBSITE VIDEO – 3 of 4 – Hidden behind “more” – part 1 (length 13:35)

ATHLETIC WEBSITE VIDEO – 4 of 4 – Hidden behind “more” – part 2 (length 13:17)